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Web AR 3D business cards

Create unusual and original interactive web AR 3D business cards in augmented reality with XR+

XR+ icons library

Introducing the XR+ icons library: a collection of icons ready to add to your media web AR scenes, with configurable style and colors.

Use them to trigger actions like:

  • – redirecting the user to a webpage
  • – redirecting the user to social channels: Facebook page, Twitter feed, Linkedin profile…
  • – starting a phone call
  • – starting an email
  • – adding hot spots to photos
  • – displaying pop ups with text and image


View the Apollo Moon photos demo.

Simple animations in web XR

Bring life to static 3D model XR+ scenes with the new ‘basic animations’ actions. Rotate, scale, and add soft pulsations to your models.

View basic animations demo scene.

Meet us in Las Vegas at the CES 2020!

We’ll exhibit at the CES show in Las Vegas from January 7 – January 9

Come visit us, our both is located in
Tech South, ARIA – East Level 2 – Booth CS-5

Holiday greetings cards

To create your first greeting card, sign up for a free account on XR+

Meet us at Virtuality in Paris

We’ll showcase XR+ at the Virtuality event in Paris, on 21, 22 and 23 November 2019.
Come and meet us at the stand #80!

Today’s Halloween!

New video trailer

How to make an interactive composition in web AR

( updated on february 2020 with new images )

Let’s have a simple step by step tutorial on making a web AR scene from images.

This tutorial is about making a composition from images, if you’re looking for the 3D model tutorial, go here

If you don’t have yet an account, create one
Click here to create a free account

We are going create a simple composition that will look like this when finished.

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How to add interactions to webAR scenes?

( updated on december 2019 with new images )

Let’s learn how to add interactions to XR.+ scenes using the interactions module.

For this tutorial we’ll be using a simple 3D model made of 3 objects: a sphere, a cube and a pyramid.

This tutorial will explain how to create states and buttons to hide and show those 3 objects.

You can download the Blender file and the fbx exported to make this tutorial by clicking here.

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