Use the XR.+ no-code studio (no developer needed) to create in minutes

bug free engaging experiences in AR and VR.

Integrate any content, manage multiple triggers, place on any anchor (image, slam, face, hand, foot…).

Customize also the 3D / AR player to match exactly the brand expectations.

Promote and deploy your project on multiple channels, offline as well as online.

Select the right XR.+ licence

Create 10 to 20 faster than using a platform for developers
Design, test, adjust in real time, validate, it’s ready
Get real value based on traffic generated
If you are an agency, a developer, a 3D creator, a non profit organization
or an education institute, contact us to discover our partner plans.

XR.+ provides a web based no-code studio to create engaging experiences, to promote them on offline/online channels and to deploy them at the largest scale.


20 Projects

XR.+ branding

1 account


1 project

White label

1 account


20 projects 

White label

1 account


100 projects

White label

Multi accounts

XR.+ studio

No-code webAR / webVR editor, real time publishing updates

Multi devices

96% of smartphones used worldwide (all smartphones for 150 € and more since 2017)

Multi assets

Management of multiple text, button, image, audio, video, static or animated 3D model

Special effects

Video alpha blending, advanced scene lighting, shaders…


Trackers & Anchors

QR code & Barcode tracking

Spacial tracking / anchor (vertical & horizontal flat surfaces)

Up to 4 images tracking / anchor

Unlimited images tracking / anchor


3D model tracking / anchor


Body, face, hand, foot tracking / anchor


Multi triggers

Zoom, PAN, rotation, photo/video recording…

Social share, go to website, popup window, play/pause materials, assets videos, sounds…

Send email, call a phone, save contact details…

3D / AR players

Custom watermark logo, splash screen, loading pages, buttons, help…

Web simulator

Mobile experience real time preview


Project size

Up to project size including all assets, effects, triggers, structure, integration *

50 MB

No limitation in video, 3D animation, animated baked or rigged hologram



“Pokemon Go” like positioning of experiences


Promotion channels

QR code, url, custom teaser with text, picture or video

Integration to social, messaging, ecommerce mobile applications (Facebook, Instagram, Messager, Skype, Wechat..)

iFrame to embed on any HTML page, native mobile applications…

HTML embed code player with custom image, video on roll over, 3D / AR interactions

Custom domain name

White label branding ** (not available for the Plus licence)


Experience delivery​

Volume of GB to deliver AR / VR views to end users


ABR (Adaptative Bit Rate) delivery for heavy 3D animated and hologram file size


Self hosting & delivery

Export of experience structure, assets, interactions… for 1/3 party hosting and delivery

Advanced analytics

Real time access on experiences delivered, unique users, localization, channels, dwell time, CTAs…

Real time access to logs of experiences, limitations met, fallback provided…

Social applications

Direct integration / AR development on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, WeChat…

Management of standard & custom browsers used by many social / messaging applications


Documentation, email, webcast


Success manager (9am to 6pm CST Monday to Friday)


Professional services

On boarding, training, consulting, strategy



3D models creation


Custom development / engeneering /  integration


* Please take into account bandwidth and performance of end user smartphones in targeted countries
** All projects must display the “Powered by XR.+” badge on their loading page

Demo account

All features included, no limitation of time, for demo purpose only, no credit card needed

XR.+ pricing includes the following elements

# Projects

Concurrent projects managed per account





# Accounts

Secured no-code studio account authorized





# Seats

Authorized users to the studio including collaborative creation





XR.+ licence fee

Per month

49 €

95 €

Number included of AR/VR experiences delivered to end users

1 000 /month

 1 000 /month

Buy now

Buy now

Per year

490 €

950 €

Number included of AR/VR experiences delivered to end users included per account

12 000 /year

 12 000 /year

Buy now

Buy now

Additional AR/VR experiences delivered

Additional options (see list of items)

Other licences

Demo account

All features included, no limitation of time, for demo purpose only, no credit card needed


I don’t know how to code, can I use XR.+ studio ? 

That is one of our strength, we provide a studio which doesn’t need any coding to create experiences, promote and deploy them at scale. You can do it within minutes.

What happened at the end of my 100 views demo account ?

A demo account includes 100 views. You will receive a message to let you know you are almost done with your 100 AR views. If you do not upgrade to a premium licence, you will still have access to the XR.+ studio but access to your experiences in AR / VR on a smartphone will not be anymore accessible.

What is a view ? 

A view corresponds to an end user access to AR / VR experience on a browser. Other licences include a specific number of views. If needed, you can buy additional views sold by pack where unit prices decrease in regard of volume needed. Traffics done by using the XR.+ studio simulator (to test on laptop the experience you create) and the XR.+ HTML embed code (integrated in web pages to display teasers and 3D views) are provided with no limitation and for free.

Can I create a project for free to showcase ? 

Yes, you can get a demo account for this. The demo account is limited to prototypes and demonstrations (it cannot be used for commercial use). A demo account provides access to all standard XR.+ studio features, can support for a project multiple versions (different assets, trackers, anchors, players…)  to help you to define the best one. There is no need to pay for getting a demo account, neither to use a credit card!

How long can be used a free demo account ? 

We don’t restrain you in the time you can use your demo account. After 100 AR / VR views for free, you can upgrade your account to a premium license.

I am an agency, developer, 3D creator, why should I contact XR.+ ? 

Our price are for brands and organizations. For companies and professionals providing experiences with our technologies and professional services (like custom development / engeneering, 3D model creation…) to brands owners and organizations, you can get benefit of our partner plans.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any request you may have:

  • explore the way we can help you to reach the best Return Of Investment from your projects
  • discover how to leverage on our innovative business model
  • cooperate on other features you may need like 3D creation or custom developments