Claremont High School Academy selects XR+ to teach creation of XR experiences to students


Claremont High School Academy is a large secondary school based in Northwest London.
specializing in Performing Arts, Maths and Computing and Applied Learning.
“The Computing department at Claremont High School has been researching suitable software solutions
to deliver Augmented Reality activities in the classroom. The new Cambridge National in IT Level 1/2
qualification has a new AR coursework unit that we need to prepare our learners for. We looked at
many different solutions, but many were unsuitable as they were too technical, difficult to integrate into
a network or had safeguarding issues.
With XR+ studio we found a web-based solution that could easily be implemented onto our network,
with an easy to use interface, that quickly produced solutions appropriate to our needs.
We are now delivering lessons on AR with XR+ studio to our year 9 and 10 IT students. Once the
students gain the skills they need, I know they will want to utilize them in other lessons across the
school and even in the local community.”
Mr S Sisulu
Head of Computing
Claremont High School Academy

XR+, the most advanced Experience Management System