Metavers: at Vivatech Paris, McKinsey calls on companies to get started now


The opportunities of the metaverse are to be seized, according to the research firm McKinsey, which presented a preview of a study on the subject at the Vivatech show this Wednesday, June 15.

To date, global investments in the metaverse amount to 120 billion dollars and by 2030, the research firm estimates a value generated of 5,000 billion dollars! “The equivalent of Japan’s economy,” says Éric Hazan, senior associate director at McKinsey & Company.

On the right, Éric Hazan presenting the study figures at Vivatech 2022 on June 15 with Lareina Yee, Senior Partner of McKinsey.
In 8 years, for example, 1/4 of e-commerce will partially switch to it, with omnichannel experiences. This will be the case for half of the video games, he specifies. But the metaverse will also play a role in banks, the industrialization of industrial processes with digital twins in particular or the optimization of maintenance….

Source: Value Creation in the Metaverse

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