Use Cases

There is no limit to usages in Augmented Reality.

All is about storytelling, quality of experience and value added provided to end users. No doubt there is value to deploy XR experiences what ever is your activity.

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Used by creatives from more than 90 countries​.

Apply XR.+ to your business


View in 3D, place and anchor interactive experiences on the floor, the wall, objects or hand, face, foot... 3D and AR increase significantly user security and confidence to buy online but also in boutiques.


Augment your brand. Reach your targeted audience by using all Paid, Owned, Earned media, online and offline. Measure attribution and engagement. Optimize in real time to satisfy users expectations and brand goals.


Augment leaflets, brochures, catalogs, parcels, banner, displays, labels… Bring value added information to user in one click. No app needed, no point of friction, just immediate engagement.


Make people discovering places remotely from where they are. Immerge them into new universe thanks 360 photos and videos. Place hotspots to describe points of interest and call to actions to generate engagement.


Leverage on social networks to reach segmented targets worldwide. Provide funny and engaging experiences based on your content to generate positive buzz with millions of users.


Use the power of XR to facilitate access anytime, everywhere to valuable information combining texts, images, videos, animated 3D models... Update dynamically and remotely.


Create very innovative communication formats and storytelling to let people play with your brand content and discover your universe. Engage in a second and increase as never dwell time and click through rate.


Use the power of XR to facilitate access anytime, everywhere to valuable information combining texts, images, videos, animated 3D models... Update dynamically and remotely.


Engage with your audience for more value, demonstration, 3D and human presence. Use a single QR code during your event to let people anchor your message in their environment.


Transform your communication into a desirable experience. Orchestrate your points of contact in a way that each creates the magic and desire for a new one to come.


Let people discover the way they want. Better than with any other format, AR provides understanding on how things work, how to react to circumstances, simulate, experiment and remember.


Authorize people to visite places remotely through 3D models, 360° picture or video. Add hotspots for interactions. Augment their visit by adding virtual elements on the ground or th walls to secure their decision.


Combine XR with the most massive simultaneous audience media. QR codes can easily be integrated on TV editorial programs as well as TV advertising to reach and engage experiences millions of users at the same time.


Let people have fun in a innovative way. XR proposes unlimited capabilities to play alone or with others with very innovative story telling. Analytics on dwell time and interactions are here to prove how powerful XR engages.

Make an augmented reality experience with XR.+


Bring the museum at home. Augment emotions and beauty with the magic of experiences to leverage users exteroception and proprioception. With XR, transform a fleeting moment into a memorable souvenir.


AR & VR push the bundaries of creativity, storytelling and people engagement. There is no limitation to what can be achieved with XR. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help to use XR.+ for new usages.

You are one click away from bringing your imagination to life.
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