XR+, the most advanced Experience Management System


We provide an augmented reality platform to create in minutes and deploy at scale Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences.

We also provide professional services to help on additional topics associated.

All in XR.+   /   XR.+ in all

Take advantage of an end to end solution

  • Full cloud platform so nothing to download for users 
  • Collaborative studio for one to multiple users and accounts
  • No coding needed to create in a few minutes basic to very advanced XR experiences 
  • webAR & webVR so nothing to download for end users
  • Multimedia Assets can be texts, images, audios, videos, static and animated 3D models
  • Trackers & Anchors can be done on images, objects, horizontal and vertical surfaces, faces, hands, feet.
  • Triggers can generate multiple actions like animating 3D models, playing videos, visiting a website, taking a selfie, sharing on social networks… 
  • Players customize interactions and brand awareness
  • Promotion tools allow to reach audiences through offline channels with QR codes, and online channels with a copy / paste embed code (like Youtube videos)
  • Geolocation can be done on maps to let users access only if they are in a specific area (like Pokemon Go).
  • Advanced analytics  to measure and optimize in real time engagement, time spent… 


XR.+ provides the cards.
Agency creates the game.
Brand invites users.
Users bring engagement.

Experience creates the brand

Make an augmented reality experience with XR.+


Create your XR experiences in minutes mixing texts, images, audios, videos, 3D models... in our WYSIWYG studio
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Attach your experience on images, flat surfaces, 3D models, human body parts…
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Take advantage of universal QR code and barcode usage to give immediate access to your experiences
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Use all elements in your exeperience to start interactions and engagement with your users
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Generate a QR Code and an embed code dedicated to your experience on your domain name
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Organize your experiences per campaign using date and geographies. Attach rules to define access and conditions.
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Define localization of your experiences so people have to go to places you expect
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Reproduce without limitations so you can create your experience once and generate it for all your products
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Deploy your experiences everywhere (web pages, applications, notifications…) thanks to XR+ embed code and syndication rules
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Consider your experience before, during and after to improve the end user journey
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Connect your experiences to advertising or paid media systems to generate profit
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Use XR+ real time analytics to understand how to improve end users expectations and your own goals
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Apply the XR+ platform to your organization with accounts and sub-accounts, seats and rules
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Provide access to your experiences for validation, number of experience, interactions, time spent results
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3D models

You don’t have adequate 3D models. We have a pool of 3D artists who can help.
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specific development

You need something special. Our team of consultants and developers are here for that.
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specific integration

You need a custom integration to Shopify, Woo-commerce, Word Press… We are always ready to improve.
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custom experience

You expect to explore new storytelling to push the boundaries of XR. We want to be part of it.
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training & consulting

You want to understand what are immersive media and unique capability of XR. We can provide training.
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You need something different. Ask us. We may have a solution. Who knows!
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You are interested to try our Augmented reality platform or learn more