Travel to another dimension

XR+ provides a platform to create magical experiences to place around the world without coding

Location based XR

Involve the world with ease

Global Access

Our metaverse gives you access to any places! It's up to you to set a radius of action for your experience!

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Everyone can access the map and view the experiences created around them according to the radius of action set by the creator.

Social Experiences

Interact with your audience or the whole world through treasure hunts, games, exhibitions, etc.

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Geolocation combined with Augmented Reality allows us something almost magical in order to create and share social interactions.


Bring your structure to life through a presentation of the premises, activities and places of interest around it.

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Hotels, universities, museums, tourist areas etc. Bring added value to your users by guiding them with magic and efficiency.

Where would you like to share your amazing experiences?

Get access to the whole world and share your creativity, culture, informations with XR+

Multi-device Virtual Reality

Create your best experience and share it to your audience​ on all devices



Virtual reality allows you to give a new dimension to your videoconferences, body language, presence… Create proximity and team building even remotely.

You can start from scratch, import your own model or use one of our template available in our library.

Our web platform allows you to use VR with any kind of devices, you just need an internet connexion.


Inspirational experiences

Exhibitions, showrooms, events … give free rein to your creativity by using XR+ with ease.

You are one click away from bringing your imagination to life.
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