XR.+ gathers a community of talents and experts of web xr as well as very advanced  technologies. 

Our vision is built on the fact that human beings act much more on emotions than on objective reasons. To engage people, we need in consequence adequate ways and skills to create emotional experiences in which people have total control and keep their free will. 

Combining the real and the digital worlds, better than any other formats, Augmented Reality is the phygital media to deliver such experiences to billions of people.

All in XR.+  /  XR.+ in all

XR.+ democratizes web XR experiences to
end users, brands and agencies

We aim to become a reference in the web XR (Extended Reality) sector, helping to improve the way organizations, brands and people communicate.

We believe that people expect consideration, value and human presence. We suggest to organizations, brands and marketers to focus on how to propose desirable experiences, not unsolicited, invasive, interruptive messages. For us, Augmented Reality is the adequate format to deliver experiences where people live, play and combine their environment with digital contents to transform a fleeting moment in a memorable souvenir.

Our approach uses solutions based on technologies and professional skills as a mean not a goal.

End users expectations

  • Have superpowers with their smartphone
  • Look for valuable experiences individualized to them
  • Want access in one click and don’t want to download mobile applications
  • Act on emotions and engage only when there is no point of friction
  • Expect to try before to buy IRL (in real life)
  • Like to share, have fun, experiment, be aware and to receive consideration
  • Look for to save time, money and the planet

Brands goals

  • Have to innovate and anticipate trends of end users new usages
  • Look for elements of differentiation with their competitors thanks to emotions
  • Need to transform each point of contact in an opportunity to create desire
  • Have to orchestrate adequately multiple communication channels on and offline
  • Need to integrate easily new technologies in their existing IT
  • Have responsibilities in a sustainable growth for the planet
  • Expect quick and measurable R.O.I.

Agencies aims

  • Need to understand end users expectations and brands goals
  • Have to deliver vision and value in all they do
  • Need to create multiple relevant demos of web XR concepts in minutes with no coding
  • Look for to combine multiple know-how like 3D storytelling, immersive medias
  • Need to select the best technologies and companies to work with
  • Expect to have flexibility and relevant business model to be well positionned in the ecosystem


Clement Cordier created the XR.+ initial project in 2017 with the conviction that webAR was the adequate format to deliver Augmented Reality experiences. He developed a web XR studio and social network to let people deign and publish their XR creations. 

Based on a Freemium business model, the platform gathered rapidely a few thousand users looking for an adequate way to create easely experiences based on image markers. In the middle of 2018, Phil Bornstein, expert in digital marketing, mobile and online video and providing consultancy to media groups, tech and international companies, begun to use XR.+. He found in the platform an adequate way to deliver Brand experiences to his clientele.

In 2020, Clement and Phil decided to join their forces and expertises and created a new company: The Lucid Dreams Company (TLDC) owning the XR.+ platform. 

The focus of The Lucid Dreams Company  is to create and to  aggregate the best technologies and talents to deliver desirable, magic, engaging and scalable experiences to end users.


searching for a web xr concept


We have values and do our best to respect them in everything we do.  
    • Community: Our main value is people. We believe that every person in the XR.+ community has a talent, and our aim is to release it to grow together.
    • Diversity: We are convinced that diversity is a chance. We do our best and contribute to preserve it with total respect of people and things.
    • Passion: We want to take the next step in the way we discover and understand the world and other people. We love what we do.
    • Flexibility: We are never satisfied. That’s why we adapt continously our solutions to solve issues and anticipate new trends.
    • Creativity: We are always working on new ideas and challenging traditional concepts looking for new ways to achieve our goals.
  • Responsibility: We love bringing solutions, not problems. We are responsible for our actions and objectives.


With XR.+, The Lucid Dreams Company builds step by step a cloud studio and a community where artists, designers, storytellers, developers, experience makers and marketers provide and find the essence of the exclusive value of Augmented Reality: desirable experiences based on multisensorial emotions.

If you are interested to participate in a way or another, please get more information.