XR+ studio manages the headache of technical contraints and implementation. We support all types of assets, anchors, triggers, promotion channels…

Inspirational experiences

Play with 3D objects

Internet is becoming 3D and users love it.

We support integration of one or multiple 3D objects and each can be static or animated.

In one click, allow rotation, PAN, zoom in or out, photo or video selfie.

Ad hotspots on points of interest, form to collect personal data, Buy Now pop-up to sell without leaving the experience.

AR before you buy

AR is unique to sell more and sell better.

With image, video or 3D object, user can play in one click a Virtual Try On to make the best decision of purchase.

We support multiple ways to anchor products on horizontal surface like floor or table, object, face, hand, foot… It is also possible to switch form a product to another, change colors, materials.

Our HTML embed code player can be integrated on any web page including ecommerce platforms.

Vertical anchor

webAR brings highest conversion rate.

Our tracking technology supports placing digital content on horizontal and vertical surfaces for any Android and iOS smartphones.

For users who have smartphones manufactured before 2017, we manage automatic fallbacks to deliver relevant experiences with 3 Degrees of Freedom.

Engage with magic

AR augments the world around us.

We use neural networks and machine learning technologies to recognize physical objects and let users interact with them.

Better than any digital format, Augmented Reality engages with users, generates positive emotions and provide great memories.

The good news is that our technologies allow to do it on any promotion channels : offline with QR codes, online with our embed code player, native application or social networks.

Virtual Try On

See, place, anchor, done.

We provide capability to anchor 3D models on multiple part of human body like face, hand, foot…

This type of value added service can be deployed thanks to webAR and several social networks like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Wechat…

Natural user interface

Let people play with the experience.

Our XR studio support all types of interactions to let end users engage and create their own phygital experience with any content you integrate.

The possibilities are limitless.

Video automatic cut off

Transform watching 2D video to a real experience.

The XR.+ studio support alpha blending to cut off video background in one click. Then add as many call to actions you need to engage with access to websites, call a phone number, download detail business details.

Body tracking

Machine learning for augmented experiences

Use 3D objects to create personal experiences anchored on body parts. 

Users can get benefit of the experiences in one click with no application to download.

Virtual portals

Teleportation is now reality 

Anchor a door on the ground with an invitation to be teleported.

Use 360 image or video as well as 3D condo model to create unique experience.

Advertise on any support

Transform a logo in a marker.

Place advertising in any image or logo in a few minutes using the XR.+ studio.

3D tracking

In our large tracking option XR+ offer a 3D tracking. It allows a smooth tracking, of an object or any kind of content.

Object occlusion

Take the illusion further and increase reality in Augmented Reality.

The occlusion feature is now available in the studio. This technique offers a lot of possibilities to create depth and engage more with viewers. 

Movement Detection

Interact with AR and make the experience begin.

The AR experience is triggered by the movement of the phone. The movement detection is integrated into the experience.

You are one click away from bringing your imagination to life.
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