About Us

XR+ gathers a community of talents and experts of web xr as well as very advanced technologies.


Democratizes web XR experiences to end users, brands and agencies.

Our Mission

Our vision is built on the fact that human beings act much more on emotions than on objective reasons. To engage people, we need in consequence adequate ways and skills to create emotional experiences in which people have total control and keep their free will.

Combining the real and the digital worlds, better than any other formats, Augmented Reality is the phygital media to deliver such experiences to billions of people.

We aim to become a reference in the web XR (Extended Reality) sector, helping to improve the way organizations, brands and people communicate.

We believe that people expect consideration, value and human presence. We suggest to organizations, brands and marketers to focus on how to propose desirable experiences, not unsolicited, invasive, interruptive messages. For us, Augmented Reality is the adequate format to deliver experiences where people live, play and combine their environment with digital contents to transform a fleeting moment in a memorable souvenir.

Our approach uses solutions based on technologies and professional skills as a mean not a goal.


With XR.+, The Lucid Dreams Company builds step by step a cloud studio and a community where artists, designers, storytellers, developers, experience makers and marketers provide and find the essence of the exclusive value of Augmented Reality: desirable experiences based on multisensorial emotions.

If you are interested to participate in a way or another, please get more information.

Our values


Our main value is people

We believe that every person in the XR.+ community has a talent, and our aim is to release it to grow together.



Concerned about nature and our ecological footprint, since mars 2022 we decided to plant a tree for each subscription to an advanced or expert plan.


diversity is a chance

We do our best and contribute to preserve it with total respect of people and things.


We are never satisfied

That’s why we adapt continously our solutions to solve issues and anticipate new trends.


We love what we do

We want to take the next step in the way we discover and understand the world and other people.



We are always working on new ideas and challenging traditional concepts looking for new ways to achieve our goals
You are one click away from bringing your imagination to life.
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