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Simple, fast, and cost effective

XR.+ is the simple and cost effective platform to publish web AR experiences for artists, events, and marketing campaigns.

Save on time and budget: no expensive AR plugin license, no app development and publishing.

There is no application store submission process, setup and then publish AR scenes instantly instead for waiting for stores approval.

Reach more people: don't ask them to install & download yet another mobile app, just invite them to open a website


  • 5 WebXR scenes
  • images compositions
  • 3D models up to 3 Mb
  • textures up to 1024 x 1024 px


1 year 120 € net
includes 50 000 views
then 10 € per 10 000 extra views


1 year 790 € net
1 month 90 € net
includes 100 000 views
includes 10 000 views
then 10 € per 10 000 extra views
If you have any questions about the plans, you can write to us:

More details on the features

3D models

You can import .obj, .fbx and .glb ( compressed glft) files.
Animations from .fbx and .glb models can be imported.
Lights from .fbx models can be imported.

Read more in the documentation

Scenes bundles

Load up to 4 scenes on a single page.
In AR, each scene can track a different image marker

Design guidelines for tracking patterns

There are few rules to follow,
click on the document below to learn more

webar image tracking guidelines

Custom brandings

Set custom colors for the interface, add your logo and create buttons to redirect to other pages

Remove all references to XR.+

External domain

For a full white label setup, you can load scenes from an external domain with an html iframe.
We provide a template ready to upload on server

Note: loading the scene from an iframe requires an SSL certificate ( https://... ).

Read more in the documentation

Mobile devices compatibility

Our WebAR / WebXR marker tracking system works on:

We also do custom webAR & webVR experiences, get in touch: