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A french interview

The french website promoting Augmented Realitty technologies has published an interview about the XR.+ platform.


Read it here

Augmented reality on the web – drinks packaging example

A short example with Budweiser beers pack showing how Augmented Reality on the web ( WebAR ) can be used on products packaging.

Made on!

Now with sounds!

We’ve added sounds to our editor, now you can make scenes even more lively.

Listen to this fantail bird singing!


Codrops Collective #382

Codrops, a great source of inspiration for interactive designers, just featured XR.+ in their latest issue of their collective magazine.

Codrops Collective #382

Happy new year 2018!

May this new year turn all your dreams turn into reality, or at least either in augmented or virtual reality!

To view our new year card, visit

with your phone web browser ( Safari or Chrome ) and point the camera on the pattern above.

#AR #webAR Video trailer

We have a new video trailer!
Discover how easy it is to play with Augmented Reality on the web…

What is webAR?

Most mobile Augmented Reality experiences require to install an app.

With WebAR, you can enjoy Augmented Reality experiences direclty in your web browser, no need to install an app.

On Android, WebAR is supported on Chrome, while Safari makes it possible on iOS 11. It also works on Windows mobile 10 phones.

WebAR works fine on all major desktop browsers.

Hello world!

Welcome to XR dot plus, a web platform to experience AR & VR directly in your browser.

No mobile app required 😉