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How to make an interactive composition in web AR

( updated on february 2020 with new images )

Let’s have a simple step by step tutorial on making a web AR scene from images.

This tutorial is about making a composition from images, if you’re looking for the 3D model tutorial, go here

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We are going create a simple composition that will look like this when finished.

You can download all the images used in this composition here: Of course you can also use your own images.


1. Create a new scene

in the XR+ editor, create a new scene, and choose “images and video” as the type of content.


2. Import the first image

Click “add an image or a video”. and import the image ‘bg gradient.png’.
Because it’s the first image imported, it’s automatically added to the composition, on its center.


3. Add white octogons

Next, import the ‘octogon.png’ image and add it to the composition.

There’s a gray area all around the white octogon, let’s hide it.
To do so, we need to set the transparency of this image, so only the white shape is visible.
Turn on ‘color transparency’, and as a key color, choose the same gray as the one around the white shape.

Now that the transparency is setup, scale down a bit the element on the composition and place it to a bit on the left. You can use the rotation tool to give it a nice little angle.

Add it one more time to the composition and place it in the center, then add it one last time and place it a bit to the right.


4. Add the animal

Now import the ‘creature.png’ image, and add it to the composition.

This element also need transparency but this time, we’ll use the transparency from the alpha channel of the image. turn on ‘png alpha’.

Scale it down a bit, and move it a bit in front and a bit down.


5. Add the back images

One by one, import the 4 screenshots images and place them at the back of the composition.


6. The logo

Import the ‘Little XR’ logo and place it on the top left area of the composition. Turn on ‘png alpha’ as you did with the animal image.


7. The button

Finally, import the ‘play-now.png’ image, add it to the composition, and set its shape to circle, to make a nice rounded shape.

As a touch action, choose ‘open webpage’, set as the web address. When users will touch the button, they will be redirected the his web address.

Let’s bring attention to this button by adding a pulse animation. Note that the animation is not visible on the editor, but only when viewing the scene on your phone


8. Publish the scene

Almost done, now in the ‘publish‘ tab, set a name to your scene, and press the green ‘publish scene’ button.

Next to the QR code, you can see the public link to you scene, in this case: (yours will be different).

Type this web address on your phone web browser or scan the QR code in the editor to view the scene in web augmented reality.