City of Cannes deploys IA Challenge, a Treasure hunt with AR and geolocation powered by XR+ As part of the first edition of the World A.I. Cannes Festival (WAICF), a world fair dedicated to Artificial Intelligence organized in Cannes from April 14 to 16, 2022, the City of Cannes has set up an entertainment program for the general public allowing the latter to discover or deepen their knowledge of Artificial […]

Interest In NFTs And The Metaverse Is Falling Fast

Have you seen the NFT chatter on the internet lately? Know a little less about the Metaverse? Well, you are not alone. Despite the initial surge in keyword usage, interest in both concepts appears to have plummeted, at least according to Google Search Trends, where both terms have fallen sharply. Source: Interest In NFTs And […]

“With XR.PLUS, we are democratizing the use of immersive storytelling in webAR and webVR.” – Philippe Bornstein (The Lucid Dreams Company).

The French-speaking startup democratizes the development of low-code experiences through its XR.PLUS platform. A palette of AR/MR/VR possibilities that has conquered brands all over the world: we discussed it with its co-creator Philippe Bornstein, whom we met during Stereopsia 2021. XR.PLUS will be present in Paris for Virtuality 2022 on the 17 & March 18 […]

HTC Vive unveils VR metaverse – including Web3 and NFT content

HTC Vive unveiled the Viverse digital world at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this week. The Taiwanese company claims its version of the Metaverse is “an immersive and infinite world of wonderful new experiences.” MWC attendees can access Viverse through a browser using tablets, PCs, smartphones and HTC’s Vive Flow VR headset, which was […]

The metaverse is ‘particularly hard to predict,’ says Unity’s AR/VR chief

Timoney West has been thinking and talking about spatial computing and mixed reality long before Mark Zuckerberg publicly uttered the term “metaverse.” West’s company, Unity Software, is the leading graphics engine in game development (while also serving the film, animation, and architecture industries). Source: Q&A: Unity’s AR chief Timoni West on the metaverse

Will South Korea’s $200bn finally make the immersive metaverse take off?

South Korea has ramped up its Metaverse ambitions. The country’s $200 billion sovereign wealth fund is increasing its investments in Silicon Valley startups. The Korea Investment Corporation (KIC) will pay special attention to Metaverse and AI companies. The news comes just days after Facebook owner Meta suffered one of the bloodiest days in the stock […]

Big Tech Needs to Stop Trying to Make Their Metaverse Happen

THE RACE is cashing in on the hype of the Metaverse. Last week, Microsoft described its $68.7 billion acquisition of game studio Activision Blizzard (often interpreted as a move by the Xbox maker to simply expand in gaming) as a way to create “the bedrock of virtual worlds.” Meta — which was renamed from Facebook […]

Gartner: 25% of consumers will spend 1 hour daily in the metaverse by 2026

According to Gartner, by 2026, one in four consumers will spend an hour a day in a virtual world. The Metaverse is a virtual world where people can play, socialize and work. Some of these virtual worlds can be adaptations of real-world places, including landmarks or workplaces, while others are conceived by creative people. Source: […]