Why the metaverse must be open but regulated

The metaverse is not a new concept. In fact, the term was coined in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel “Avalanche.” As the novel defines it, the metaverse is essentially a “virtual universe controlled and owned by a global information monopoly that users can access through personal VR goggles”. In 2022, as a new computing revolution brings […]

The metaverse: where we are and where we’re headed?

The upcoming metaverse has sparked hype, confusion, and misinformation. For tech enthusiasts, the Metaverse represents a kind of nirvana: a place to immerse yourself in any digital environment, to participate in any physical reality at any time – and to be able to see and feel anything, even if you are thousands of miles away […]

For Apple, the metaverse is he “shmetaverse”

Ori Inbar, co-founder and CEO of AugmentedReality.org, introduced his audience to his opening keynote at the recent Augmented World Expo (AWE) event in Santa Clara, California in November 2021 coined the term “Shmetaverse”. It’s a play on words about the metaverse, suggesting that the word is so overused and misunderstood that it loses any real […]

Walmart is getting serious about the metaverse

Walmart seems ready to enter the metaverse. According to a report by CNBC, the recent trademark filing suggests the company is looking to build its own NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Source: Walmart is getting serious about the metaverse – The Verge

VR vs. AR vs. MR vs. XR: What’s the difference?

VR, AR, MR, and XR are all immersive media, that is, digital content presented to the user from a first-person perspective. The terms “virtual reality” (VR) and “augmented reality” (AR) are the backbone of immersive media. More recently, “Mixed Reality” (MR) and “Extended Reality” (XR) have entered the lexicon. Metaverse will be accessible through technologies […]

The metaverse is coming. Are your ethics ready?

The Metaverse and AR are revolutionizing the way we communicate, live, work and play around the world. It’s an evolution of social experimentation that merges our physical and digital identities. This new “phygital” world allows us to create and recreate ourselves as many times as we choose. Our digital characters (avatars) will not be limited […]

China government says virtual idols are just as bad as real human ones

The Chinese government has released a state-sanctioned report warning internet companies to be cautious as they seek to deploy so-called “virtual idols” — synthetic celebrities designed to gain massive human fan bases — in what may be imminent digital virtual worlds . Source: China government says virtual idols are just as bad as real human […]

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Reportedly Delayed Until 2023

Apple’s long-rumored VR/AR headset could be delayed until 2023 due to a combination of technical issues, according to a new report from Bloomberg, citing “people familiar with the matter.” The device was originally scheduled to be announced during the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June, followed by an official launch later this year, the […]

New link sharing in Quest2 is bolstering WebXR use

Meta is rolling out update v37 for Oculus Quest and Quest 2, bringing quality of life improvements such as interface tweaks and tracking support for the Apple Magic Keyboard. A new link sharing feature promises to finally let you easily send a link from your phone to your headset, making it easier for WebXR apps […]

Apple’s AR/VR headset could be priced above $2,000

Apple is having trouble with a rumored AR/VR headset due to overheating, cameras and software challenges, a report on Friday suggested that this could cause the company to delay plans to launch a mixed reality headset this year. Now, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is back with more tidbits about the product. In previous reports, Gurman has […]