Boston Fashion Week Launches 60 AR Designs Across Boston

Explore the city of Boston and discover various AR fashion designs from local designers, photographers and stylists. Boston Fashion Week is being held. Those lucky enough to come to the area can explore 62 incredible AR designs located in various scenic spots and public places throughout the city. Using this map and a free AR […]

What happens when your brain looks at itself?

In 1884, while trying to define the limits of human perception, Charles Pierce and Joseph Justrow discovered something else: the limits of our own insight. Participants in their experiment systematically underestimated their ability to correctly judge their own feelings. Pierce and Justrow provided an explanation for “female insight and certain ‘telepathy’ phenomena.” Thankfully, these special […]

Can avatars replace our body?

Using our body feels so natural: all you have to do is have the intention to make a movement for it to happen. This ability, however, hides many complex processes that still occupy many neuroscientists, psychologists and philosophers in search of explanations of what causes the feeling of having a body. This sensation, called “feeling of […]